Demographics and Lifestyle Data

Get facts about the people, places, and businesses in a specific location. Query and display information from a large collection of authoritative data sets including population, income, housing, consumer behavior, and the natural environment.

  • Global coverage
  • Industry leading authoritative content
  • Enrich your data with demographics
  • Query thousands of variables
  • Generate PDF reports
  • Enrich your data with demographics
  • Query thousands of variables
Demographics Illustration

Query Demographic Data

The GeoEnrichment Service supports a variety of input types such as points, addresses or areas to help you discover the demographics of different study areas.

Try selecting a city or clicking on the map to search for the demographics within 1 mile of a location.

Total Population  
Total Households  
Average Household Size  
Male Population  
Female Population  
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Demographic Maps

Browse ready-to-use web maps from the ArcGIS Living Atlas to uncover very detailed and interesting patterns in demographic data. The classification of social demographic areas is known as "Tapestry Segmentation".

Try clicking on these maps to see how your neighborhood compares to the ones around it.

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Generate Reports

Choose from thousands of data attributes and different input parameters to create high quality, custom reports in PDF or XLS format. Discover information about area demographics, consumer spending, tapestry market, business or market potential.

Try either selecting a city to generate a full city report or clicking on the map to generate a report for the area around the location you clicked.

Enrich Your Own Data

Use the Map Viewer to interactively enrich your own maps and data. Choose from thousands of attributes to add to your maps such as demographic, spending, market potential, lifestyle and business data.

Try clicking on these maps to explore the data that was added to the areas.

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Demographic Data Pricing

What does the GeoEnrichment Service Cost?

GeoEnrichment Service Pricing Esri Credits U.S. Dollars
1 Stored GeoEnrichment Variable 0.01 credit (Per Feature) $0.001 (Per Feature)
1,000 Stored GeoEnrichment Variables 10 credits (Per Feature) $1.00 (Per Feature)
1 Non-Stored GeoEnrichment Request 0.01 credit $0.001
1000 Non-Stored GeoEnrichment Requests 10 credits $1.00
Generated Infographic View 0.01 credit $0.001
1000 Generated Infographic Views 10 credits $1.00
Generated Report 10 credits $1.00

The GeoEnrichment Service is billed differently depending on whether you store the request or not. A stored request returns a variable that you may permanently add to your data, while a non-stored request is used for visualizations and other non-permanent uses.

Enterprise Demographics

Use demographic capabilities on-premises, behind your firewall, or in your infrastructure at a fixed yearly cost.


Offline data access

Demographic content that you can integrate into your application for offline use.

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