Routing and Directions with ArcGIS

Optimize routes and generate turn-by-turn directions, react to real-time traffic conditions, route multiple vehicles to multiple destinations, and increase the overall efficiency of your daily workflows.

  • Global coverage
  • Localized directions
  • Use your own data
  • Route multiple vehicles
  • Work offline
  • Display and use traffic data
  • Modify routes with restrictions and barriers
  • Industry-leading reference data
Directions Illustration

Routing and Directions Pricing

Ready-to-use Routing Services

Directions and Routing Pricing Esri Credits USD
Simple Route 0.04 credits per route $0.004
Optimized Route 0.5 credits per route $0.05
Multi Vehicle Route 1 credit per route $0.10
Service Area 0.5 credits per area $0.05
Closest Facility 0.5 credits per route $0.05
Location-Allocation 0.1 credit per demand point route $0.01
Origin-Destination Cost Matrix 0.0005 credits per input origin/destination pair $0.00005
Traffic [1] 0 credits $0.0

Learn more about our service structure and deployment plans.

Enterprise Routing

Use routing capabilities on-premises, behind your firewall, or in your infrastructure at a fixed yearly cost.


Offline Routing

High-quality, ready-to-use data that works offline and is optimized for routing.

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