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Esri Geotrigger Service

Welcome to the future of Geofencing

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Use the Esri Geotrigger℠ Service to easily add location awareness to your apps. Create an immersive experience with your app by sending messages to your customers or other systems when they enter or leave geofenced areas.

Geotrigger Service Docs

Learn more about the Geotrigger Service documentation with guides, a comprehensive API reference, and SDK documentation for both iOS and Android.


The iOS Geotrigger SDK provides a wrapper around iOS's native location services that helps preserve battery life and uploads device location to the Geotrigger API.

The Android SDK

The Android Geotrigger SDK is a wrapper around Android's native location services that helps preserve battery life and interfaces with the Geotrigger API.

What is a geofence?

Create an invisible button on a map, and when your customer's or employee's phone gets within that button - that invisible region - a relevant action will be triggered.

What is a Geotrigger Action?

Send push notification to phone

Sending a push notification to a phone.

Send an action to a server

Sending an action to a server.

Send an action to an app

Sending an action to an app.

Hello secret sauce.

Benefits of the Esri Geotrigger Service:

Generate complex polygon trigger boundaries

Handles location services on your behalf

Develop for iOS or Android on a common platform

Flexible API supports a variety of use cases

What about battery life?

  • Automatically manages location settings

  • GPS use adjusted based on trigger vicinity and other contextual factors

  • Reduces power use when away from triggers

  • Increases power use when nearby triggers

Imagine the possibilities of location-based solutions.

Retail Engagement

Send loyal customers offers as they walk past your store.

Retail Engagement

Notify citizens of upcoming road closures or detours before they arrive

Retail Engagement

Make home automation functions truly automatic.

Improvements over native geofencing.

Generate complex polygon geofences and easily add unlimited triggers, all while remaining superior to native performance.

Reduce development costs.

Esri Geotrigger SDKs provides a consistent programmatic interface across iOS and Android.

Decrease battery drain.

Esri developed an adaptive tracking algorithm that optimizes for accurate knowledge of presence while minimizing battery consumption. You won’t have to manage the frequency GPS of location checks.

Better mapping performance.

Esri is the world leader in geospatial technology. Esri manages the spatial-based math so you can put your mental energy toward app logic.

What does the Geotrigger Service Cost?

Geotrigger Service Pricing Esri Credits U.S. Dollars
1 Geotrigger Action 1/12 credit $0.0083
12 Geotrigger Actions 1 credit $0.10
600 Geotrigger Actions 50 credits $5.00

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Geotrigger.js is a simple Javascript client library for interacting with the Esri Geotrigger Service API. It works in any browser that supports CORS (older browsers need a proxy), as well as on the server with Node.js.

Geotrigger Editor

The Geotrigger Editor is a browser-based tool for creating and editing Geotrigger rules. It allows you to draw trigger boundaries, manage conditions and actions, and search for triggers by ID or tag.

Geotrigger Faker

The Geotrigger Faker is a browser-based tool for debugging device location updates for applications using the Geotrigger Service. It allows you to simulate device location updates for fake or real devices.

Geotrigger Service FAQ

What does the Geotrigger Service do?

The Geotrigger Service provides a way to add location-awareness and location-based alerts for native iPhone and Android apps that reduces battery drain when using location services. We have built a number of propriety tracking methods and methods to quickly add geo-aware content to your apps. The service is cloud-based and does not require ArcGIS Server or embedded devices to run.

How do you charge for the Geotrigger Service?

The Geotrigger Service uses a fraction of an ArcGIS Online credit for each Geotrigger event. An event is anytime a user enters one of your Geotrigger radiuses or polygons, resulting in an action from your app - like a push notification or URL callback. For more information on pricing, view the ArcGIS Online developer plans and credit usage breakdown. If you’d like more info or enterprise pricing, email

How does the Geotrigger Service work?

Once you include the Geotrigger SDK in your iOS and/or Android app, it will be able to send and receive location data from a cloud-based streaming server in real time. Then, you can define circles and polygons around points of interest or important places using the Geotrigger API, and set the action they want to happen when someone enters or departs – such as sending a push notification or SMS message, logging the time until they leave the area, or sending a callback. You configure what action takes place when you create the trigger on the API. The Geotrigger SDK periodically gets the location of your app’s users using a background service, and sends that information to the Geotrigger Service API when appropriate.

What kinds of geometry does the Geotrigger Service support?

We support point and radius as well as polygons in GeoJSON and EsriJSON formats.

Do you support both circular and polygon triggers?

Yes, you can create geofences that are circular (a radius around a point) or polygons.

How do you make it “battery safe”?

We give app developers the choice of 4 tracking profiles, and the ability to change that tracking mode as their users enter geofences. Adaptive mode is an excellent default that will adjust tracking resolution based on the user’s proximity to triggers and multiple other contextual variables.

Our ambient location services run in the background on phones, and use proprietary advanced algorithms. By minimizing the amount of time that your GPS and cellular chipsets need to be active, the SDK automatically manages and preserves battery life.

Does this work internationally? Is there any dependency on the carrier network?

Yes, the Geotrigger service is designed to work with any carrier anywhere in the world.

How is this better than what I could build using Apple or Android native location APIs?

First, the Geotrigger SDKs make it easier for developers to build geo-aware iOS and Android apps. Doing location work in iOS and Android is very different, and the Geotrigger SDKs make it more consistent and fast for developers to make their apps for both mobile platforms with a common set of Geotrigger logic for the apps that run on either platform.

Second, the Geotrigger SDKs make apps as battery efficient as possible without the developer having to do any work beyond choosing one of four tracking modes in the Geotrigger SDK.

Lastly, the Geotrigger Service automatically updates the geofences as the device moves around, so you don’t have to write code to do that manually. With Apple’s tools you can only store a small number of geofences on the device at any time, but the Geotrigger Service makes it so you don’t have to deal with that.

Can the Geotrigger service do more than send push messages?

Yes! Triggers can send callbacks to your server, in addition to just sending a message. When a trigger is configured as a callback, it sends a JSON payload containing all the relevant data to a URL you provided when the trigger was created. From there, you can script virtually any sequence of events triggered by the callback notification.