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Build native applications that can download maps for use when your device goes offline. Match your business needs to one of the offline workflows to maximize your productivity.

  • Display maps
  • Edit and sync data
  • Search and geocode
  • Get routes and directions
  • Perform analysis
Offline Illustration

ArcGIS offline capabilities

StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS Runtime

StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS Runtime provides enriched street data, powering an optimized and high-quality cartographic map, accurate searching and geocoding, and optimized route analysis. Maps are consistent across all regions of the world, and can be taken offline for disconnected use. If you need quality data fast, StreetMap Premium is the way to go!

StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS Runtime

Licensing for offline capabilities

Capability Minimum license level [1]
View maps, scenes, layers, and packages while offline. Lite
Edit features in mobile geodatabases and synchronize edits to feature geometry, attributes, and attachments from a mobile geodatabase to a feature service. Basic
Load, view, edit shape files, geo-packages, local raster layers, ENC layers. Standard
ArcGIS Runtime Local Server. Standard
Analysis and geoprocessing. Advanced
StreetMap Premium: offline geocoding, routing, high-quality cartography. Works with all license levels with annual purchase of extension license. Free for development.

[1] Learn more about ArcGIS Runtime licensing.

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