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Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS

Gain insight into your data by understanding spatial relationships and patterns.

  • Identify patterns in your data
  • Determine the best location
  • Learn more about your location
  • Dozens of analysis tools
  • Easily use results in your apps
Spatial Analysis Illustration

ArcGIS Spatial Analysis Service

Aggregate and normalize

Uncover patterns in large datasets by applying filters, simplifying, aggregating, and enriching data. This scenario compares the density of electric alternate fueling stations to population by state.

  1. Apply a SQL filter to just show electric alternate fuel stations.
  2. Aggregate alternate fuel stations into state boundaries.
  3. Enrich states with population data from the ArcGIS World GeoEnrichment service.
  4. Visualize the total number of alternate fueling stations normalized with population.

Spatial Analysis Pricing

What does the ArcGIS Spatial Analysis Service cost?

Task Credits Approx. USD**
Aggregate Points, Join Features, Summarize Nearby (with distance), Find Existing Locations, Derive New Locations, Create Viewshed, Create Watersheds, Trace Downstream, Calculate Density, Find Hot Spots, Find Outliers, Interpolate Points, Create Buffers, Extract Data, Dissolve Boundaries, Merge Layers, Overlay Layers 1 credit per 1000 features $0.10
Summarize Nearby (with travel mode) 0.5 credits per area $0.05
Choose Best Facilities 0.1 credit per demand point route $0.01
Enrich Layer 1 credit per 1000 attributes queried $0.10
Create Drive-Time Areas .5 credits per feature $0.05
Find Nearest 0.1 credit per demand point route $0.01
Plan Routes 1 credit per vehicle route $0.10
Connect Origins to Destinations 0.04 credits per route $0.004

Analysis pricing is based on the number of features analyzed and tasks performed.

** Pricing applies only to ArcGIS Developer subscriptions.

Desktop Analysis

Run a wide range of advanced GIS analysis tools against local data right from your desktop.

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