Using the ArcGIS Services Directory

Version 3.7

The ArcGIS Services Directory, a component of the ArcGIS Server REST infrastructure, contains information on the services available at each server.

Search for available services (including secured services, with proper login) and view service details including the following:

  • Properties such as spatial extent and supported operations
  • Layers with links to layer details (Simple queries can also be executed on layers.)
  • Required input for services, such as the address format for a geocoding service

Opening the ArcGIS Services Directory

To open the ArcGIS Services Directory for an ArcGIS Server machine, you must know the URL of the server instance. Prior to version 10.1, the ArcGIS Server instance was typically installed in the web server's root as arcgis, and the ArcGIS Services Directory was in the rest folder inside the instance. For example, if the server was at, the ArcGIS Services Directory would be located at (.NET) or (Java).

The default URL of the server instance changed beginning with version 10.1. Regardless of the operating system, the default location is for unsecured sites and for secured ones. The Web Adaptor allows you control over your site URL if you don't want users to see the default port number(s) or the default site name arcgis. See About the ArcGIS Web Adaptor tppic for additional information on this topic.

Contact your ArcGIS Server system administrator if you are uncertain about the server URL or ArcGIS instance.

Finding information about a service

Use the ArcGIS Services Directory to obtain information you need to use in a service with the ArcGIS API for Flex. Copy the desired service's URL from the address bar in your browser and paste it in your code. For example, a service in the example server above might have a URL of The server type appended to the end of the URL is required to specify the type of service used.

The directory also allows you to search for layer IDs to identify features within particular layers. The layer IDs can be found in the Layers list on a map service's properties page. If you need names of attribute fields to specify the information to return in a query, you can drill down to the layer's properties to find a list of fields.

Some services may be secured so that only authorized users may access them. Log in to the ArcGIS Services Directory to see which services you have access to. For more information, see Secured services.