Basemap layers

Version 3.7

Basemap layers in the Flex API

Basemaps are usually pregenerated maps that are commonly referred to as cached or tiled layers. In the ArcGIS API for Flex, the layers below inherit directly from TileMapServiceLayer, which in turn, extends the Layer class. There are various types of basemaps as listed below.

Basemaps tend to be relatively static and are typically updated on an infrequent basis. Generally, you use basemap layers as the framework for which you display dynamic operational and/or graphics layers. For more information regarding working with basemaps, see Working with basemap layers


Of the basemap layer types listed above, the ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer and WMTSLayer classes use a cached map service hosted from ArcGIS for Server.

Additional Resources

Please refer to the various samples illustrating how to use these various types of layers. You can download these samples from GitHub.