Using an ArcGIS Server service

Version 3.7

To use an ArcGIS Server service in the ArcGIS API for Flex, you need to know the URL of the service. URLs can vary, but often resemble the following:


Using map services

You can obtain information about a map service either from your ArcGIS Server administrator or by searching the ArcGIS Services Directory.

In addition to the service's URL, you may also need further information to use a map service. See the following:

  • Map layer IDs—These are necessary if you intend to identify or query on those layers.

    IDs are usually integer values and are not the same as the layer name, which is assigned by the author of the map.

  • Names of the attribute fields in a layer—These are needed if you intend to specify which fields are returned from a query.
  • Other map information—Such as the spatial extent of the map or individual layers, the feature type of a layer (point, line, or polygon), or the minimum and maximum scales at which the layer displays.

Using other service types

Other services require different information. For example, geocoding services have address fields that you provide inputs for such as street, city and state, and postal code, to return a result. Geoprocessing services contain input parameters for which you supply information. These parameters have certain data types and may or may not be required.

This data can be obtained from the ArcGIS Services Directory associated with the ArcGIS Server you want to use. In addition, some services may be secured so only authorized users may access them.