Introducing: Hack for a Sustainable Future, Presented by Esri and TechCrunch

To truly make a difference, you need to approach problems differently. That's the idea behind Esri and TechCrunch's new hackathon, Hack for a Sustainable Future. We invited developers around the world to imagine new approaches to our most pressing global challenges, such as the climate crisis, COVID-19, and social inequity. Hackathon participants combined Esri's technology with their innovative ideas to build a more sustainable future.


Translating Digital Footprints into Real World Effects.

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Seeing the Unseen thumbnail

Seeing the Unseen

Mapping Urban Carbon Dioxide Concentrations from Space.

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Biome is a curation of tools and datasets that empowers decision-makers and businesses to lead Cameroon towards a future driven by renewable, carbon-neutral biofuels.

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