10.2.5: <AGSLayerCalloutDelegate> Protocol Reference
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<AGSLayerCalloutDelegate> Protocol Reference


A protocol which must be adopted by any class wishing to control the display of callouts for a layer's features. An instance of the class must then be assigned to AGSHitTestable::calloutDelegate

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Defined in:
AGSLayerCalloutDelegate.h ( ArcGIS library)
Inheritance diagram for <AGSLayerCalloutDelegate>:
AGSCalloutTemplate AGSFeatureLayer AGSFeatureTableLayer AGSImageServiceLayer

Instance Methods

(BOOL) - callout:willShowForFeature:layer:mapPoint:

Method Documentation

- (BOOL) callout: (AGSCallout *)  callout
willShowForFeature: (id< AGSFeature >)  feature
layer: (AGSLayer< AGSHitTestable > *)  layer
mapPoint: (AGSPoint *)  mapPoint 

This method is called when a user taps on some features in a layer. Delegates should implement this method when they want to configure how a callout looks for a particular feature in a particular layer. Some properties delegates may want to configure are title, detail, image, customView, etc. The delegate should return YES for the callout to be shown. The delegate can return NO for those features for which a callout should not be shown. If this method is not implemented, AGSCallout::delegate will be consulted instead.

calloutThe callout that will show.
featureThe feature to display the callout for.
layerThe layer the feature belongs to.
mapPointThe coordinates at which the graphic callout will be displayed.
Value indicating whether or not the callout should actually show.