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ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

iOS Sample Code

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS provides numerous code samples to help get you started. The sample project arcgis-runtime-samples-ios contains code that illustrates some of the following functionality (and much more):

  • Map
    • Set extent and spatial reference
    • Handle Map Gestures
    • Rotate
  • Layers
    • Render
    • Label a dynamic layer
    • Query and select from a feature layer
  • Graphics
    • Add interactively
    • Select
    • Display map tips
  • Geometric operations
    • Create buffer polygons around features
    • Clip feature geometry with an envelope
    • Calculate area and perimeter

Access the samples

  1. If you don't already have a login, Sign up for GitHub (it's free).
  2. If you're new to GitHub, you may want to review some common help topics to get started.
  3. Visit the arcgis-runtime-samples-ios repository.
  4. Follow the instructions in the repo's README file to work with the sample projects in your local development environment.

Getting started with GitHub

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS samples are maintained using GitHub, a web-based hosting service for software development projects that uses an open source revision control system called Git. For an introduction to Git and how it compares with other version control systems, see Git basics. To learn how to interact with Git repositories with GitHub and to sign up for a free account, visit

Consult the following links for help getting started with GitHub

GitHub provides the following features

  • Keep your local repository in sync by pulling changes from the Esri (master) repository. As the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS team makes additions to the samples, you can easily pull them into your local version of the code.
  • Submit or track issues related to the samples (bugs, e.g.). You can get notifications for activity on issues you choose to follow.
  • Provide additions, updates, and improvements to the code via pull requests. One of the goals of GitHub is provide a collaborative environment, referred to as 'social coding'.

In addition to the ArcGIS Runtime SDK samples, the ArcGIS iOS team (within the Esri GitHub organization) makes available around a dozen public repositories that you can explore.

iOS tips and tricks

If you're interested in some awesome iOS tips, check out the tips-and-tricks-ios repository. The repo contains all the code for the popular Tips and Tricks Demo Threater at the UC 2013.

ArcGIS iOS projects

Additional code repositories are available from the ArcGIS iOS Team on GitHub. Here you will find code from technical sessions, demos, samples and presentations given at Esri events (such as the Developer Summit or Esri Users Conference, e.g.).

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