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Deploy your app

You can use ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS to create applications for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Follow the steps below to ensure you've licensed the capabilities your app uses and that you understand associated costs.

1. Choose your Apple iOS Developer Program

An important factor in building your mobile solution for the iOS platform is your deployment and licensing agreement with Apple. The following three steps will guide you to a successful deployment:

  1. Enroll in the iOS Developer Program.

    If you want to distribute apps through the App Store, join the iOS Developer Standard Program as an individual or as a company. If you want to create in-house applications for internal deployment, join the iOS Developer Enterprise Program.

  2. Test your iOS app.

    During development, you can leverage your developer program agreement with Apple by testing your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices using the Xcode graphical debugger, collecting real-time performance data using Instruments' time line, and contacting Apple technical support when you need help.

  3. Distribute your app.

    Depending on your choice of a standard or enterprise program agreement, you can distribute your app in one of many ways (through the App Store, by email, or by posting it to a website or server).

2. License and attribute your app

License the capabilities you included in the app. Licensing comes in two levels, Basic and Standard. License your app describes license levels and costs associated with deployment.


If your app persists license information for offline use, you must declare that your app uses cryptography when deploying to Apple's App Store using iTunes Connect. The Runtime API uses encryption to protect the license.

Attribute Esri in your application. For details, see the attribution section in License your app.

3. Notify Esri of your deployment plans

Verify that you have appropriately notified Esri of your deployment plans as follows:

App contains:

Required for deployment:

Content or services from ArcGIS Online

Get an ArcGIS Online Developer subscription. See Plans for your options, and FAQ for details.

Content or services from on-premises (ArcGIS for Server or Portal for ArcGIS)

Fill out a deployment questionnaire and e-mail it to

A mix of content and services from ArcGIS Online and on-premises solutions

Start by filling out a deployment questionnaire and e-mailing it to We will guide you with what else is required.

Also, consider creating a listing (an ArcGIS Online item) on for your app, such as this one for Esri's ArcGIS for iOS app. Adding an item to ArcGIS Online is a great way to increase awareness of your app in the Esri user community and encourage users to try it and contribute feedback.

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