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Design considerations

When you’re starting to build an app, consider the following:

  • The type of app to build—Because you're reading an ArcGIS Runtime SDK guide right now, most likely it will be a native app. But you can review the advantages and disadvantages to each type of app—native, hybrid, and web— in Native vs. web.
  • Performance—The Runtime SDKs are built to be speedy, but there still may be ways you can improve performance. See Performance considerations for details.
  • The type of location-based app to build and how it should be presented to your users—Determine your app/map pattern discusses the main location-based app patterns and how they can affect the overall design of your app.
  • The main UI design elements of a mapping app—Provide map tools discusses tools and map interactions. It's designed to get you started quickly, especially if you’re an advanced mobile developer new to GIS or a GIS developer new to delivering mobile apps.
  • Online or offline—If your users will be working without an Internet connection, determine what capabilities will be supported offline. For details, see Create an offline map.
  • The costs associated with licensing and deploying your app—For details, see Deploy your app.