ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS: AGSApplication(AGSNetworkActivity) Category Reference
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS  100.12
AGSApplication(AGSNetworkActivity) Category Reference


A category on UIApplication containing convenience methods.

This category adds a method to set a network activity delegate to be informed of changes to network usage by the ArcGIS Runtime. It also provides a helper method to track whether the network activity indicator is shown or hidden. On iOS platforms, the category is based on UIApplication. On Mac OS, it is based on NSApplication.


Class Methods

(void) + ags_setNetworkActivityDelegate:
(void) + ags_showNetworkActivityIndicator:

Method Documentation

◆ ags_setNetworkActivityDelegate:

+ (void) ags_setNetworkActivityDelegate: (id< AGSNetworkActivityDelegate >)  delegate

The delegate to be informed when network usage by the ArcGIS Runtime has changed.


◆ ags_showNetworkActivityIndicator:

+ (void) ags_showNetworkActivityIndicator: ("Please set a network activity delegate instead.") 
(ios(2.0, 13.0))  API_DEPRECATED 

Provides a cetralized way to show or hide the network activity indicator. It contains logic to reconcile competing requests to control the indicator.

Developers should use this method to show/hide the indicator for any network calls they make in their application. This will ensure that the indicator can keep track of, and properly reflects the state of, any outstanding network call regardless of which component issued the call, be it a component in their appliation or in the SDK.

showFlag to determine visibility of indicator: YES to show, NO to hide.
100.8 The network activity indicator was deprecated in iOS 13. To determine when the ArcGIS Runtime is using the network, assign a network activity delegate using AGSApplication::ags_showNetworkActivityIndicator:.