ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS: AGSGeodatabaseSyncTask(AGSDeprecated) Category Reference
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS  100.15
AGSGeodatabaseSyncTask(AGSDeprecated) Category Reference

Instance Methods

(id< AGSCancelable >) - importDeltaWithGeodatabase:inputPath:completion:

Method Documentation

◆ importDeltaWithGeodatabase:inputPath:completion:

- (id<AGSCancelable>) importDeltaWithGeodatabase: (AGSGeodatabase *)  geodatabase
inputPath: (NSString *)  inputPath
completion: (void(^)(NSArray< AGSSyncLayerResult * > *_Nullable result, NSError *_Nullable error))  completion 

Imports a geodatabase delta and applies it to the given geodatabase. This is useful in workflows where the client does not directly connect to the originating service to synchronize changes with the server (either because the client does not have access to the service, or to improve scalability where it is impractical for a large number of clients to depend upon the service). Rather, the changes from the sync-enabled service are made available as a delta file (*.gdb file) to all clients which then import them into their copy of the geodatabase.

A delta geodatabase contains the changes that have occurred since a mobile replica AGSGeodatabase was last synchronized with the feature service. See for an overview of the delta files used in synchronization. A "download" delta geodatabase contains the online edits which will be imported to the local geodatabase.

The completion handler takes an array of AGSSyncLayerResult.

You should not execute more than one sync on a geodatabase at the same time. This includes operations that export or import deltas from the local AGSGeodatabase:

geodatabaseThe geodatabase into which to import the delta.
inputPathThe path of the delta file (*.gdb file) containing the changes from the sync-enabled feature service.
completionA block that is invoked when the operation completes successfully or encounters an error.
100.3. Use class method #importDeltaWithGeodatabase:deltaPath:completion: instead.

Extends class AGSGeodatabaseSyncTask.