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Navigate the map

The area of the map that is visible to a user at runtime is specified by the map's initial viewpoint (initialViewpoint). The user can explore different areas of the map by panning and zooming on the map using a range of gestures that are built-in to the map view.

User gestures

Below are the map view's gestures that are provided for every iOS device. Each of these gestures will change the map view's viewpoint and their use will trigger the map view's viewpointChangedHandler. This handler will, in turn, trigger a block in which you can include additional code.

Default User ActionMap Action


Zoom out on map


Zoom in on map

Double tap

Zoom in on map

Two finger tap

Zoom out on map

Swipe (any direction)

Pan map in direction of swipe

Two finger twist= (see the following note)

Rotate the map


Use the interactionOptions property on AGSMapView to enable or disable any of these user actions.

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