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Create and save a map


This sample demonstrates how to author a map and save it to your portal. On opening the sample you get to choose the layers for your map. You can choose a basemap and optionally one or more operational layers. Tapping on Done button should display a map with those layers added. You can tap on the New button to start over or the Save button to save the map to your portal. You will be required to login and provide a title, tags and description (optional) for the map.

How it works

The sample uses a pre-populated list of layers and basemaps. When you tap on Done, the selected basemap is used to create an AGSMap object using initWithBasemap: initializer. The authentication is handled by AGSAuthenticationManager. And to save the map the sample uses saveAs:portal:tags:folder:itemDescription:thumbnail:completion: method on AGSMap.

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