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Create geometries


This sample demonstrates simple ways to create different types of geometries.

How it works

The geometries are added as AGSGraphic objects to a graphics overlay and displayed in a map view. The geometries are created using geomeotry builders. Geometry builders (or builders, for short) create or change geometry. A geometry builder contains the same things a geometry contains—vertices, segments, and parts—allowing its state to be changed as needed. You may create new geometries at any point from the builder’s current state. A builder is available for each type of geometry. Each builder exposes the appropriate methods for modifying a specific type of geometry. In the case of AGSPolylineBuilder and AGSPolygonBuilder that share many members, both inherit from AGSMultipartBuilder, which in turn inherits from AGSGeometryBuilder. Other builders inherit directly from AGSGeometryBuilder.

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