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Display grid


This sample demonstrates how to display and work with coordinate system grids such as LatitudeLongitude, MGRS, UTM and USNG on a map view. This includes toggling visibility, configuring layout and appearance preferences.

How it works

Tap on the Change Grid button in the toolbar to open the settings view. You can select type of grid from Grid Type (LatLong, MGRS, UTM and USNG) and modify it's properties like grid visibility, grid color, label visibility, label color, label position, label format and label unit.

AGSMapView has a property called grid of type AGSGrid and is initially set to use the LatitudeLongitude grid. The controls allow to toggle visibility, configure layout and appearance of a grid with the following properties/methods:

  • isVisible : Specifies whether the grid is visible or not
  • setLineSymbol:forLevel : Set the grid line symbol with selected color
  • labelVisibility : Specifies whether the grid's text labels are visible or not
  • setTextSymbol:forLevel : Set the label text symbol with selected color
  • labelPosition : Specifies the positioning of the grid's text labels.
  • labelFormat : Specifies the format to use for the grid's text labels. Available only for LatitudeLongitude grid
  • labelUnit : Specifies the units used in grid labels. Available only for MGRS and USNG grids

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