ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

Export tiles


This sample demonstrates how to export tiles from a map server. Pan and zoom into the desired area, making sure the area is within the red block. Tap on the Export tiles button to start the process. On successful completion you will see a preview of the downloaded tpk.

Export tiles

How it works

The sample uses the exportTileCacheParametersWith:minScale:maxScale: method on AGSExportTileCacheTask class to generate AGSExportTileCacheParameters parameters by providing the area of interest and the min max scale for the tpk. It then uses these parameters in the exportTileCacheJobWithParameters:downloadFilePath: method to generate an AGSJob. The job on successful completion gives an AGSTileCache object which is used to create an AGSArcGISTiledLayer that is shown in a map.

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