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Feature collection layer


This sample demonstrates how to create a new feature collection with three feature collection tables (containing points, lines, and polygons). Features are added programmatically and the collection is displayed in the map as a feature collection layer.

How it works

A point AGSFeatureCollectionTable, a polyline AGSFeatureCollectionTable, and a polygon AGSFeatureCollectionTable are created, and their schemas and renderers are defined. Next, features are added to each table, and each table is then added to the AGSFeatureCollection. Then, an AGSFeatureCollectionLayer is created from an AGSFeatureCollection and is added to the map's operational layers.

In this case, hardcoded features are added to the tables for display on the map. However, a common use case is to read a CSV or some other data source, and to populate the table with the attributes and geometry provided in the external data source.

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