ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

Find service area interactive


This sample demonstrates how to find services areas around a point. A service area shows locations that can be reached from a facility based off a certain impedance [such as travel time]. Barriers can also be added which can affect the impedance by not letting traffic through or adding the time is takes to pass that barrier.

How it works

Use the segmented control in the toolbar to switch between `Facilities` and `Barriers`. To add a facility tap on a location on map and a marker will be added. For barrier, tap on the map to draw buffered polygon. Tap on the settings button item to change time breaks. Hit the `Service Area` button to get the service area for added facilities. Tap on the clear button to start over.

The sample uses the defaultRouteParameters(completion:) method on AGSServiceAreaTask to get the default parameters from the service. Barriers are created using the initializer init(polygon:) on AGSPolygonBarrier. Sets the facilities and barriers in the parameters. Then uses the solveServiceArea(with:completion:) method to solve for the route. Once the result is in, the sample displays the service areas for individual facilities using resultPolygons(atFacilityIndex:) method on AGSServiceAreaResult.

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