ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

Identify KML features


Show a balloon popup with formatted content for tapped KML features. KML supports defining HTML for popups.

How it works

Click or tap a feature to identify it. Feature information will be displayed in a callout.


  1. The identify process starts when the user taps the map.
  2. Any existing callout is dismissed using AGSCallout.dismiss().
  3. AGSGeoView.identifyLayer(_:screenPoint:tolerance:returnPopupsOnly:completion:) is called with a reference to the KML layer, the tapped position, and a tolerance of `15` points
  4. There are several types of KML features. This sample will only identify features of type AGSKMLPlacemark
  5. The balloonContent of the first returned KML placemark is then shown in a callout.

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