ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

Line of sight (location)


This sample demonstrates how to create a map image layer from a URL.

How it works

AGSLocationLineOfSight is created using the init(observerLocation:targetLocation:) initializer that takes observer and target locations. As a result of the analysis, a line is rendered between the observer and target with green color representing visible segment and red color representing obstructed segment. Analysis overlay is used to render the results of visual analysis on the scene view.

The line width used to render analysis results is set using the setLineWidth() method on the base class for the line of sight analysis called AGSLineOfSight. This setting is applied to all line of sight analyses in the view.

AGSGeoViewTouchDelegate is used for capturing user's interaction on map and updating the observerLocation and targetLocation. The observer location is set in the geoView(_:didTapAtScreenPoint:mapPoint:) method when user taps on the map. The target location is updated in the geoView(_:didLongPressAtScreenPoint:mapPoint:) method when user performs long-pressed gesture at a specified location and in the geoView(_:didMoveLongPressToScreenPoint:mapPoint:) method when user drags the target location during a long press interaction.

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