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Manage bookmarks


This samples demonstrates how to access and add bookmarks to a map. The map in the sample comes pre-populated with a set of bookmarks. You can tap on the Bookmarks button in the bottom toolbar to get the list. Then select one of them to update the map view. To create a new bookmark, pan and/or zoom to a new location and tap on the + button in the toolbar. You will be prompted to provide a name for the new bookmark. When you tap Done the new bookmark will also show up in the list.

How it works

The AGSMap has a property called bookmarks which is a list of AGSBookmarks. Each of these bookmarks have a name, timeExtent and viewpoint. We use the bookmarks list as the data source for the UITableView which popups when you tap on the Bookmarks button. For each cell inside that table we use the property as the titile. And on selection we use the bookmark.viewpoint property to update the visible area. For the creation workflow, we create a new AGSBookmark object using mapView.currentViewpointWithType as the bookmark.viewpoint and the name you provide as the And then finally, we add the new bookmark to the list of bookmarks using map.bookmarks.addObject(bookmark).

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