ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

Manage sublayers


This sample demonstrates how to add table sublayer source as map image sublayers; how to remove a sublayer and rearrange existing sublayers in a map image layer.

How it works

Tap on the `Sublayers` button in the bottom toolbar to get a list of sublayers present in the map image layer and also a list of sublayers you can add to it. You can tap on one of the removed sublayers to add it to the map image layer. You can tap on the button on the left to delete a sublayer and hold and move a cell to reorder the sublayers.

To add a table sublayer source with known workspaceID and data source name, the sample uses the init(workspaceID:dataSourceName:) initializer and creates an AGSTableSublayerSource object. An AGSArcGISMapImageSublayer is created from this tableSublayerSource using the initializer init(id:source:). The sublayer is then added to the mapImageSublayers array on mapImageLayer.

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