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Map rotation


This sample demonstrates how to rotate a map on your iOS device. You can chaneg the rotation of the map using the slider or by pinch and rotating or by taping on the compass (to reset the map to North).

How it works

To set the rotation of a map, AGSMapView provides a few methods. You can use the setViewpointRotation:completion: method and give it an angle in degrees. Or you can create a rotated AGSViewpoint using initWithCenter:scale:rotation: or initWithTargetExtent:rotation: and set it using the following methods on AGSMapView - setViewpoint:, setViewpoint:completion:, setViewpoint:duration:completion:, setViewpoint:duration:curve:completion:. To listen for rotation angle changes, AGSMapView provides a block called visibleAreaChangedHandler which fires each time the visible area of the map view changes. The change could be because of a pan or a zoom or a rotation or a combination of these. You can also check the current rotation angle of a map by using the rotation property on AGSMapView

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