ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

Query a map image sublayer


This sample demonstrates how to execute an attribute and spatial query on the sublayers of an ArcGIS map image layer. Sublayers of an AGSArcGISMapImageLayer may expose an AGSServiceFeatureTable through a table property. This allows you to perform the same queries available when working with a table from an AGSFeatureLayer attribute query, spatial query, statistics query, query for related features, and so on.

How it works

The AGSArcGISMapImageLayer in the map uses the `USA` map service as its data source. This service is hosted by ArcGIS Server, and is composed of four sublayers: `states`, `counties`, `cities`, and `highways`. The sublayers (represented by AGSArcGISMapImageSublayer), expose an AGSServiceFeatureTable through a table property. A query is created to find features with a population greater than the value provided that are also in the current map extent. Since the `cities`, `counties`, and `states` tables all have a `POP2000` field, they can all execute the same query. The features selected by the query are selected in the corresponding layers to display the results in the map.

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