ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

Update attributes (feature service)


This sample demonstrates how to edit attributes of feature in a feature layer. Features in the map represent houses. Tap on a house to display the callout that contains information about the type of damage on that property. In order to change the type of damage, you tap on the information button in the callout. Doing so, will display a list of values to choose from. If you select one it will dismiss the list and update the damage type for the selected property.

How it works

The app uses the attributeValueForKey: method on AGSFeature to get the current damage type for a selected property and displays it in the callout. On selection of a new damage type, the app sets the new value using the setAttributeValue:forKey: method. And in order to apply the changes to the service it uses applyEditsWithCompletion: on the AGSServiceFeatureTable for the feature.


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