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Update geometries (feature service)


The sample demonstrates how to update geometry of a feature in a feature layer. Tap on a feature on the map to display the callout. Tap on the info button in the callout to edit the geometry of that feature. The current geometry of the feature is depicted using a circular marker symbol. You can tap on a new location and tap Done to save the new geometry.

How it works

When you tap on the info button in the callout, the app gets the geometry for the selected feature using the geometry property on AGSFeature. It hides the feature from the feature layer and add the geometry to a sketch layer (with red marker symbol). The sketch layer allows you to select a new geometry. When you tap Done, a new geometry is assigned to the geometry property of the feature. To apply these edits to the service, call applyEditsWithCompletion: on the service feature table.

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