ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

Viewshed (camera)


This sample demonstrates how to create a location viewshed from a camera.

How it works

The viewshed analysis object is created using the initializer of the AGSLocationViewshed called init(camera:minDistance:maxDistance). The sample starts with a viewshed created from the initial camera location. The output is displayed in an overlay representing the visible areas in green color and non-visible areas in red color. This is achieved by creating an AGSAnalysisOverlay for the viewshed and adding that overlay to a collection of analysis overlays in AGSSceneView. When user taps the Update from camera button, the viewshed is updated with the current camera by calling the update(from:) method on AGSLocationViewshed. The current camera position is retrieved from the currentViewpointCamera() method on AGSSceneView.

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