ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

Viewshed (geoelement)


A viewshed shows the visible and obstructed areas from an observer's vantage point. This sample demonstrates how to attach a viewshed to a moving GeoElement.

How it works

To attach a viewshed to an AGSGeoElement:

  1. Create an AGSGraphic and add it to an AGSGraphicsOverlay.
  2. Use an AGSSimpleRenderer in the AGSGraphicsOverlay which has a heading expression set. This way you can relate the viewshed's heading to the AGSGeoElement's heading.
  3. Create an AGSGeoElementViewshed with the graphic, heading/pitch offsets, and min/max distance.
  4. To offset the viewshed's observer location from the center of the graphic, set viewshed.offsetX, etc.

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