ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

Viewshed (location)


This sample demonstrates how to interactively edit a viewshed analysis in a scene and see updates on-the-fly.

How it works

AGSLocationViewshed is initialized using the init(location:heading:pitch:horizontalAngle:verticalAngle:minDistance:maxDistance) method, which takes the observer location, heading, pitch, view angles, and distance range (in meters).

AGSGeoViewTouchDelegate is used for capturing user's interaction on map and updating the observer location. The observer location is set on the geoView(_:didTapAtScreenPoint:mapPoint:) method when user taps on map and on the geoView(_:didTouchDragToScreenPoint:mapPoint) method when user performs touch and drag interaction on map. The touch and drag event is only raised if the geoView:(_:didTouchDownAtScreenPoint:mapPoint:completion) method has passed true to the completion block parameter.

The sample also provides a UI control from which user can update the values of direction and field of view properties. The heading, pitch, view angles, and distances are modified using the properties of the viewshed instance. On the other hand, the visible area color, obstructed area color, and frustum outline color are set using the static properties on the base class AGSViewshed. This setting is applied to all viewshed analyses in the view.

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