Support for the web scene specification

ArcGIS Runtime SDK provides partial read support for the Esri web scene specification. This page describes support for web scenes and associates web scene features with classes.

This release of ArcGIS Runtime does not support persistence (write, edit, save or upload) of web scenes.


ArcGIS Runtime supports basic features of global scenes, including basemaps, ground surfaces, operational layers, initial viewpoints, tables, and spatial references. It does not support local scenes, environment (lighting) settings, app metadata, presentation slides, clipping, range info, or vertical coordinate systems.

Web scene fieldArcGIS Runtime support
baseMap (except id and transparency) AGSScene.basemap
ground AGSScene.baseSurface
initialState.viewpoint AGSScene.initialViewpoint
operationalLayers AGSScene.operationalLayers
spatialReference AGSScene.spatialReference
tables AGSScene.tables

ArcGIS Runtime supports only scenes with the following values set:

  • version - 1.10.0 or greater
  • viewingMode - global


ArcGIS Runtime supports a subset of the layers supported by web scenes. The following table associates web scene layers with ArcGIS Runtime layer types.

Web scene layerArcGIS Runtime layer type
ArcGISFeatureLayer AGSFeatureLayer
ArcGISImageServiceLayer AGSArcGISMapImageLayer
ArcGISMapServiceLayer AGSArcGISMapImageLayer
IntegratedMeshLayer AGSArcGISSceneLayer
OpenStreetMap AGSOpenStreetMapLayer
ArcGISSceneServiceLayer AGSArcGISSceneLayer
ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer AGSArcGISTiledLayer
WebTiledLayer AGSWebTiledLayer

The following layers are either not supported or not supported in scenes:

  • CSV layer
  • VectorTileLayer - supported but will not display in scenes


ArcGIS Runtime only supports a subset of renderers consumed through web scenes.

Web scene renderer typeRuntime renderer type
ClassBreaks AGSClassBreaksRenderer
Simple AGSSimpleRenderer
UniqueValue AGSUniqueValueRenderer

Visual variables are not supported on any renderers.

The following renderers supported by the web scene specification are not supported by ArcGIS Runtime:

  • PointCloud ClassBreaks renderer
  • PointCloud Stretch renderer
  • PointCloud UniqueValue renderer
  • Raster ClassBreaks renderer
  • Raster Stretch renderer
  • Raster UniqueValue renderer
  • UniqueValueFromStyle renderer


The following table associates supported web scene symbol types with ArcGIS Runtime SDK symbol types:

Web scene symbol typeArcGIS Runtime symbol type
LineSymbol3D AGSMultilayerPolylineSymbol
PointSymbol3D AGSMultilayerPointSymbol
PolygonSymbol3D AGSMultilayerPolygonSymbol
StyleSymbolReference AGSMultilayerPointSymbol

Symbol layers

ArcGIS Runtime supports reading and rendering symbol layers. However, there are no API types available for manipulating these layers:

  • ObjectSymbol3DLayer

The following symbol layers are not supported:

  • ExtrudeSymbol3DLayer

Elevation sources

Runtime supports the ArcGISTiledElevationServiceLayer from the web scene spec, which is exposed as AGSArcGISTiledElevationSource .

The following table associates elevation source properties with the equivalent ArcGIS Runtime types:

Web scene propertyArcGIS Runtime property
itemId AGSArcGISTiledElevationSource.item
layerTypeN/A - only AGSArcGISTiledElevationSource is supported
url AGSArcGISTiledElevationSource.URL
visibility AGSArcGISTiledElevationSource.enabled

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