Class LayerList

All Implemented Interfaces:
ListenableList<Layer>, Iterable<Layer>, Collection<Layer>, List<Layer>, SequencedCollection<Layer>, Observable, ObservableList<Layer>

public final class LayerList extends Object implements ListenableList<Layer>
Represents the operational layers of an ArcGISMap or the base or reference layers of a Basemap.

This class is not creatable but layers can be added and removed. Changes to the list can be observed by adding a listener.

If the layers in the list are rendered in a MapView, changes to the list will have an immediate effect on how these layers are rendered in that MapView. If a layer is removed from the list it will disappear from the MapView and vice versa if a layer is added to the list it will be rendered in the MapView.

The order in which layers are rendered in the MapView corresponds with the order of the layers in the list. The layer at index 0 is rendered as the bottom most layer, followed by the layer at index 1 being drawn above 0, and so on.

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