Class CameraController

Direct Known Subclasses:
GlobeCameraController, OrbitGeoElementCameraController, OrbitLocationCameraController, TransformationMatrixCameraController

public abstract class CameraController extends Object
A camera controller manages the position, orientation, and movement of a Camera in a SceneView.

This is a base class for a number of camera controllers. Each type of camera controller is designed to provide a specific user experience for interacting with the scene display. The camera controller and its properties can be changed at run time, so you can provide the scene interaction experience best suited for the current context. The following are examples of camera controllers:

  • GlobeCameraController (default) — Provides the default scene view camera behavior. Allows the user to freely move and focus the camera anywhere in the scene.
  • OrbitGeoElementCameraController — Locks the scene view's camera to maintain focus on a (possibly moving) target GeoElement. The user can navigate around and zoom in/out on the specific GeoElement object.
  • OrbitLocationCameraController — Locks the scene view's camera to orbit a fixed point location. The camera can only move relative to this point location.

When a camera controller other than GlobeCameraController is active, the scene view's viewpoint cannot be assigned. Attempts to do so are ignored.