Class InteractionConfiguration


public final class InteractionConfiguration extends Object
Defines the set of interactive operations you can enable or disable for a VertexTool, FreehandTool, or ShapeTool.

An InteractionConfiguration allows you to customize the interactive geometry editing experience to suit your specific users. For example:

You can tap multiple times on any GeometryEditorElement to select the different types of GeometryEditorElement representing vertices, parts, and the entire geometry. For example if all elements are allowed to be selected:
  • Tap twice on a vertex of a Multipoint to select first the vertex and then the entire multipoint geometry
  • Tap three times on a vertex of a Polyline or Polygon to select first the vertex, then the part, and then the entire geometry
  • Tap twice on an edge of a Polyline or Polygon to select first the part and then the entire geometry
  • Tap twice on a fill of a Polygon to select first the part and then the entire geometry
Depending on the values of InteractionConfiguration.allowMovingSelectedElementProperty(), allowRotatingSelectedElementProperty(), and allowScalingSelectedElementProperty(), visual handles are displayed to help the user move, rotate, or scale the selected element.

You can change the interaction properties of a tool at any point, including when a geometry editor is started (GeometryEditor.startedProperty() = true) and the tool is in use by the editor. If you change a property that disallows an in-progress interaction, then the interaction is cancelled and does not affect the state of the GeometryEditor.

Changing InteractionConfiguration properties affects whether types of interaction (such as tapping or dragging) to add new vertices or parts are enabled or not, but never affects the type of interaction used by each different GeometryEditorTool to create new vertices and parts. For example, a VertexTool adds vertices in response to a tap, whereas both FreehandTool and ShapeTool add parts in response to a drag operation but never in response to a tap.

Convenience methods are available to quickly set all properties relative to a category of interaction - for example use setAllowSelection(boolean) to change all selection interactions, and setAllowTransformation(boolean) to change all properties that control geometry transformation.

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