Package com.esri.arcgisruntime

package com.esri.arcgisruntime
Contains functionality used to license your application on end user devices. Also contains Exception types used throughout this API.

The use of some members requires a license. Please refer to Licensing details by class.

  • Class
    An interface for getting and setting the API key of an object.
    Provides access to and manipulation of the API environment settings, such as configurations for the operating environment and licenses for deployment.
    An exception that represents an error in the ArcGIS Runtime.
    Defines an enumeration of domains of where errors occur.
    Details of an extension license.
    Details of license.
    Contains information for licensing an app from a portal instance.
    API license levels.
    The status of this license and any extension licenses.
    Represents the status of license after it is applied.
    Type of license.
    How curve geometries are fetched from and sent to services that support curves.
    Specifies the system of measurement being used to represent distance units.