Class SelfSignedCertificateException

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public final class SelfSignedCertificateException extends CertificateException
Represents an exception caused by requesting resources from a service with a self signed SSL certificate. The exception contains the self signed certificate that caused the exception, as well as the original message and CertificateException. By default, SelfSignedCertificateExceptions are handled by the AuthenticationChallengeHandler, but can also be avoided by defining a SelfSignedCertificateListener and calling AuthenticationManager.setSelfSignedCertificateListener(SelfSignedCertificateListener).
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  • Constructor Details

    • SelfSignedCertificateException

      public SelfSignedCertificateException(String message, Throwable cause, X509Certificate cert)
      Creates a SelfSignedCertificateException with the specified message, original CertificateException, and the certificate that caused it.
      message - the exception message
      cause - the original CertificateException that was thrown
      cert - the certificate that caused it
  • Method Details

    • getCertificate

      public X509Certificate getCertificate()
      Gets the self signed certificate that caused the exception in the first place.
      the self signed certificate