Class OfflineMapParametersKey


public final class OfflineMapParametersKey extends Object
Represents a key comprised of a service URL and a type of an online service. The key is used to lookup values in a dictionary exposed by a GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides.

GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides consist of instances of data type specific parameters GenerateGeodatabaseParameters, ExportTileCacheParameters and ExportVectorTilesParameters.

Each instance is associated with the service URL that the parameters will be sent to when taking the given data offline. The data type specific parameters can be retrieved from their respective dictionaries on GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides with an instance of OfflineMapParametersKey.

A key instance for a particular layer can be constructed by calling OfflineMapParametersKey(Layer). For a table, call OfflineMapParametersKey(ServiceFeatureTable). For a utility network, call OfflineMapParametersKey(UtilityNetwork).

Use the key with the dictionary returned by one of these properties: GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides.getGenerateGeodatabaseParameters(), GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides.getExportVectorTilesParameters(), GenerateOfflineMapParameterOverrides.getExportTileCacheParameters(). The particular dictionary property will be determined by the getType() property.

Note that a given parameters key/value pair may be shared by multiple layers in the map: for example a single com.esri.arcgisruntime.tasks.geodatabase.GenerateGeodatabaseParameters could represent the online settings for multiple feature layers and tables which all access the same underlying feature service.