Class OgcFeatureCollectionTable

    • Constructor Detail

      • OgcFeatureCollectionTable

        public OgcFeatureCollectionTable​(String url,
                                         String collectionId)
        Constructs an OGCFeatureCollectionTable from the URL of the "OGC API - Features" service and the unique identifier for the collection.
        url - the URL of the "OGC API - Features" service landing page that contains the feature collection
        collectionId - the unique identifier for the collection from the service
        IllegalArgumentException - if url is null or empty
        IllegalArgumentException - if collectionId is null or empty
    • Method Detail

      • populateFromServiceAsync

        public ListenableFuture<FeatureQueryResult> populateFromServiceAsync​(QueryParameters queryParameters,
                                                                             boolean clearCache,
                                                                             List<String> outfields)
        Asynchronously populate the "OGC API - Features" feature collection table with the results of a query.

        Use the default (empty) QueryParameters to get all features from the service. Specifying null or an empty List for outfields will result in the default set of outfields being used. Spatial queries (those that specify geometries) must use the QueryParameters.SpatialRelationship.INTERSECTS spatial relationship.

        queryParameters - parameters that define how features are returned from the service
        clearCache - set to true to clear existing table data before populating it with features returned from the service, false otherwise
        outfields - an optional list of names of attribute fields to include in the output result, null or an empty list to include the default outfields set
        a ListenableFuture that represents the query operation on the service. When the query is done the result returns a list of FeatureQueryResult objects.
        IllegalArgumentException - if queryParameters is null
      • getUrl

        public String getUrl()
        Gets the URL of the "OGC API - Features" service landing page.
        the service's landing page URL
      • onRequestRequired

        protected void onRequestRequired​(com.esri.arcgisruntime.internal.jni.CoreRequest request)