Class FenceGeotrigger

  • public class FenceGeotrigger
    extends Geotrigger
    A Geotrigger that defines regions or fences to be monitored using a GeotriggerMonitor.

    You can monitor areas of interest with a FenceGeotrigger, using spatial rules like enter or exit. This type of operation is also known as "Geofencing".

    Three main components comprise a FenceGeotrigger:

    • The GeotriggerFeed that is monitored for changes - usually the device location read from a LocationDataSource.
    • The FenceRuleType that describes the check that is performed with the feed and fence data - for example, "enters within 50 meters of".
    • The FenceParameters that the feed data are evaluated against. For example, a set of polygon features representing areas of interest. The FenceParameters can cover many features or graphics that are checked.