Class OfflineMapSyncResult

    • Method Detail

      • hasErrors

        public boolean hasErrors()
        Indicates if any synchronization errors occurred. This will be true if any layer or table has any type of error associated with it.
        true if any synchronization errors occurred, false if no errors occurred
      • isMobileMapPackageReopenRequired

        public boolean isMobileMapPackageReopenRequired()
        Indicates whether the mobile map package must be closed and reopened with a new instance to allow the updates to take effect.

        In some cases, applying updates may require files such as mobile geodatabases to be replaced with a new version. When reopen is required, this property will be true and you need to:

        • Release all instances of the MobileMapPackage and its maps and layers. For example, you should remove any ArcGISMap instances from the MapView and remove layers and geodatabases from custom views such as lists and tables of contents. This will allow files to be closed.
        • Call MobileMapPackage.close() to close the mobile map package instance and files.
        • Create a new MobileMapPackage instance with the same path.
        • Load the new MobileMapPackage. This will apply updates to geodatabases that have been replaced via a scheduled updates workflow.
        If your offline map was created using PreplannedUpdateMode.DOWNLOAD_SCHEDULED_UPDATES_AND_UPLOAD_NEW_FEATURES, be aware that immediately following replacement, the new geodatabase will not contain the new features that have been synced up to the feature service. The uploaded features can be downloaded after the next scheduled update has executed and changes are available for download.
        indicates whether the mobile map package must be closed and reopened with a new instance to allow the updates to take effect
      • getTableResults

        public Map<FeatureTable,​OfflineMapSyncLayerResult> getTableResults()
        Gets the synchronization results for tables that were synchronized.
        an unmodifiable Map; the keys are FeatureTables and the values are OfflineMapSyncLayerResults associated with the tables