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Release notes for 100.2.0

Version 100.2.0 of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java, also known as Update 2, is the second update to version 100.0.

This topic describes what's new and changed in this release and provides a list of known issues. See Related topics at the end of this topic for release notes for previous versions.

What's new

Performance optimization for feature tables

Query response size for online feature tables is greatly reduced by generalizing geometries to be only as precise as the current resolution can display.

Support for additional layer types

This release adds support for the following data layer types.

  • KML

Known issues

Android file paths containing spaces

There are some issues to watch for when working with the Android app template in Qt Creator on Windows. Due to a Qt Company bug relating to when there are spaces in the file path referenced in the Android .prf file, we added logic to the Android deployment process to copy the .so file into the users output build folder. This is the temporary solution for Android until this is fixed by the Qt Company. However, the process can still fail if the output folder has a space in it.

Map view attribution text may show raw HTML text in place of hyperlinks

Instead of seeing hyperlinked text that points to the data providers' websites, the attribution text shows raw HTML defining the hyperlink. This behavior can be seen in the Web Tiled Layer sample.


  • 3D military symbol text is sometimes clipped on Windows or macOS. They are not clipped in 2D.

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