Release notes for 100.2.1

Version 100.2.1 of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java is a minor update to 100.2.0.

Enhancements for 100.2.1


  • Runtime now supports using URLs without a 'GetCapabilities' query string.
  • Runtime now supports WMS versions 1.1.0, 1.1.1, and 1.3.0. Previously, only 1.3.0 was supported.
  • You can now set the visibility of WMS sublayers.

Mobile Map Packages

  • This release supports mobile map packages that contain raster datasets and tile packages. These mobile map packages can be created with version 2.1 of ArcGIS Pro. If you load an mmpk's map (explicitly or by passing it to the map view) a RasterLayer or a ArcGISTiledLayer will be created to display the raster dataset and tile package, respectively.
  • To access the mobile maps package's raster dataset you need to unpack the mobile map package first.

3D scene support for tiled layers in WGS84

3D scenes now support the use of WGS84 based tiled layers as a basemap or layer. Scenes in ArcGIS Runtime 100.2.0 supported only tiled layers in the Web Mercator projection.

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