Choose between version 3.x and 4.x

Version 4.x of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript includes almost all capabilities that are part of 3.x along with many new innovations that are exclusive to 4.x; for example 3D visualization, map rotation, and deeper ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online integration. While not all 3.x capabilities are included in 4.x, each release adds more functionality until it not only matches 3.x but far exceeds it. Developers should consider their app requirements and evaluate whether the current 4.x or 3.x release has the desired capabilities. For example:

  • Does the app need 3D visualization? If so, use 4.x.
  • Are you working with very large feature layers? If so, use 4.x.
  • Do you need a particular functionality from 3.x that's not yet available in 4.x such as analysis widgets? If so, use 3.x.
3DNot availableReleased
Vector Tile LayerReleasedReleased
Raster Tile LayerReleasedReleased
Imagery LayerReleasedReleased
Map Image LayerReleasedReleased
Feature LayerReleasedReleased
Geometry EngineReleasedReleased
Routing & DirectionsReleasedReleased
Web MapReleased (partial support)Released (partial support)
Web SceneNot availableReleased
Directly consume layers from your portal itemsNot availableReleased
Editing and SketchingReleased (partial support)Released (partial support)
OGC layers: WMS, WMTS, KML, WFSReleasedReleased
OGC API Features (OGCFeatureLayer)Not availableReleased
More GIS functionality widgets (Analysis)ReleasedComing soon

See the detailed functionality matrix for a full comparison.

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