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Using the ArcGIS CLI

You can quickly get started with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript using the @arcgis/cli.


Install @arcgis/cli using npm.

npm install -g @arcgis/cli

This will install a global arcgis command.


Create a default template application using @arcgis/cli.

arcgis create my-application

Use this template application as a starting point for your project. There several different types of templates you can create with the CLI. The default type creates an ArcGIS API for JavaScript template application, but you can customize your template application to use either React or Vue as the framework UI using the --type (-t) option .

Choose a UI framework

Use the -t flag to create a template application with the specified UI framework


Use -t react to create a template application using React.

arcgis create my-react-application -t react


Use -t vue to create a template application using Vue as the UI framework.

arcgis create my-vue-application -t vue


Template applications are written in TypeScript and include the @arcgis/webpack-plugin along with a pre-configured webpack installation.

You can run the application in development mode with a local development server. The CLI will will watch your files and rebuild the UI when you make changes.

npm start

The application comes with unit tests that you can use as a guide for writing your own unit tests.

npm test

You can also create a production build of your application into a dist folder.

npm run build