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This sample demonstrates how to use the Find Task to search for records in a map service, then display the results in an HTML table.

Although FindTask does not require you to display a map, its constructor requires a URL to an ArcGIS Server map service. FindParameters restricts the search to only the areaname field of the Cities layer (index 0).

params = new FindParameters();
params.layerIds = [0];
params.searchFields = ["areaname"];

When you click the Find button, the function doFind reads the input box and uses it as the search text. The find is then executed:

params.searchText = document.getElementById("searchText").value;
find.execute(params, showResults);

The results are returned as an array of FindResult objects. These are graphics, which have attributes that you can retrieve through syntax such as result.feature.attributes.AREANAME. After the find task completes, the callback function showResults() loops through these features and constructs an HTML table from their attributes.