Allows you to edit geometries in a GeometryEditor by interacting with individual vertices. The default GeometryEditor.tool is a VertexTool, and is suitable for creating and editing the widest range of geometry types - Multipoint, Point, Polygon, and Polyline. You create and edit these geometries by creating, selecting, and transforming individual vertices, and can also select and transform parts of Multipart (polygon and polyline) geometries. Use the VertexTool.configuration properties to customize the possible interactions.



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Creates a new VertexTool. By default, this tool enables the creation, selection, transformation, and deletion interactions appropriate for creating and editing geometries by interacting with individual vertices. This behavior can be customized with VertexTool.configuration.


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Defines the set of interactive operations enabled when using this tool. By default, the VertexTool.configuration allows you to create and select vertices by tapping on the map, and also allows you to move vertices by dragging the selected vertex.

Inherited properties

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Defines the visual appearance of GeometryEditor geometries when this tool is in use. When a GeometryEditorTool is created, a consistent set of default symbology appropriate for that tool type is applied to its property. For example, FreehandTool and ShapeTool define all vertex symbols as null by default because they use drag gestures to define entire parts of polyline and polygon geometries, whereas the VertexTool defines non-null vertex symbols because it is important to be able to see and interact with individual vertices when editing geometries with this tool.