You will learn: how to quickly change the sharing settings for your layers.

You can share layers, maps, and other items saved in your ArcGIS for Developers account with the public, with your organization, or choose to keep your content private. Until actively shared, items are not visible to others and do not appear in search results. Public items are accessible to everyone. Developers should keep in mind that an item's sharing settings will impact any apps consuming that item. For example, if you have an app that's using a web map, and the web map is later set to 'private', the app will not display that map. In this quick lab, you'll explore the sharing settings on ArcGIS for Developers. You can learn much more about sharing your layers and using groups by accessing ArcGIS Online documentation.

NOTE: if you don't have anything saved in your account, complete the Import Data lab before beginning this exercise.


  1. Sign into ArcGIS for Developers.

  2. In your Dashboard, click on one of your layers.

  3. Click Share and explore the sharing options in the window. Share your layer as desired.

NOTE: ArcGIS for Organizations unlocks private collaboration, allowing you to share selectively with groups or with your entire organization without making the content public.

Congratulations, you're done!

You should see your updated sharing settings displayed at the Layers > [Your Layer Name] > Overview page in the Details section. Sharing information can also be found and edited on the Settings tab.


Find groups with shared items

Public data can also be shared with groups. Sign into ArcGIS Online to manage groups, find your organization's groups, or explore public groups and their shared items.